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The Moore’s and Beathe’s from Rosetown, Saskatchewan – November 14th 2016

Thank you so much! We loved the pool and spent hours in it. The location was ideal and we went on many adventures. the views is like no other. The house had ample space for the 10 of us. the geckos were definitely something we had to get used to. As we not used to seeing them in Canada. All in all it was a fabulous vacation. One we will always remember. Thanks again! Owners not: We tented the villa this March, so no more geckos.

Gavin Robinett – March 21st 2015

We arrived on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the house is absolutely everything we had hoped for! the view is amazing and we all enjoyed watching the jets take off from across the bay! So much fun playing in the pool and great trips to Lanikai beach. Island Snow is a must! We hiked Diamond Head, some multiple times(not me) Also went to the swap meet at Aloha Stadium it was fun. Pearl Harbor was also so worth it, very moving. We went to the botanical gardens,very pretty and free and very close to the house,very relaxing. Great times cooking meals. One night trip to Waikiki and plenty of rounds of golf. Thanks Sis for finding this house!

Su family from China – June 5th 2015

This house was amazing and our family loved it! It is very large and fancy house. it is very comfortable and has great views. We loved staying on this island and we hope to visit soon! Thank you

Driglaue from Poland – September 21st 2015

The villa is nice, with a wonderful view of the bay. Well equipped and large enough for a person group! We hope to visit the island someday again. Thank you!

Miura from Tokyo – September 29th 2015

Awesome experience at an awesome villa. We had 3 generations, three families, nice get together. Family meals on the patio. Wish the weather was more sunny, but non the less, the view is spectacular. We wish to come back soon!

B. Williams – May 28th 2016

Very enjoyable stay, had eleven people-very enjoyable family-well equipped for eating and recreation.

Yvonne – September 25, 2016

We had really a wonderful time in Hawaii,which the villa has played a really important role. The view is so spectacular. We sorry that we didn’t have enough time to get all the things cleaned. The renter is awesome. Thank you!

Group from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and Layton – October 14th 2016

The home is lovely-roomy for our 9 person extended family. Sorry to have our vacation end. Lots of rooms to use. Thank you for the fans. It helped with the days of heat and humidity. Impressive steep driveway ! Beautiful view and plans at the air base were fun to watch day and night.

October 8, 2016

The view is amazing ! We had a very nice time. Plenty of things to do, to keep both the children and adults busy. Thank you for the welcome basket! Wonderful way to start the vacation.

The Albrecht Family – January 13th 2017

We had a wonderful stay in your beautiful home! There was so much room and so many beautiful views. Pool and hot tub were fabulous and the kitchen is awesome. Mahalo from the Albrecht family Brookfield, Wisconsin.

The Cameron Family – March 9th 2017

Thanks you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful home! We enjoyed the pool, hot tub, but most of all the wonderful view. it was great having the whole house to ourselves. Again thanks. This made our vacation extra special as a family. The Cameron family from Canada.

The Grecci, Smiths and Saxtons – January 5th 2017

Loved the fireplace room, had many wonderful family gatherings and a birthday party. the pool, hot tub and planes were awesome. Loved the wall toaster and large kitchen,plenty of items to use snorkels, goggles etc. The house was very roomy for our large family of 9! We enjoyed going on day trips and returning to the home to enjoy the awesome views. Thank you for the gift basket, it was great. We had a wonderful vacation. The Grecci, Smiths and Saxtons.

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